Soldarini Presentation Fly Line
  • Soldarini Presentation Fly Line

Soldarini Presentation Top Secret Extra Distance Fly Line WF

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Soldarini Presentation Top Secret Extra Distance Fly Line WF/S

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Designed from Soldarini Fly Tackle and produced in UK for the most demanding fishermen on design and exclusive profiles. All the new fly lines of the Presentation series combine the amazing smoothness, thanks to the NANO SLICK COATING treatment, in the launch phase. The new Power Sensitive Technology for the internal core guarantees maximum performance. All fly lines are equipped with micro loops and are available in a wide range of models

New series of fly line called “top secret” expressly designed for the international market and competition. The unique on the market whit the same color of all different density of sink rates. For identify the different sink rate the running line change the color. Ultra sensitive core. The profile are shooting head integrated. The lenght of head are 41 ft, increased a lot the long distance cast from bank and boat also. Very easy to cast , increase a lot the maximum distance cast, only size wf7 and 8wf. Slow intermediate: wet fly and buzzer. Fast intermediate: whashing line and small lure. Sink DI3: small lure - Sink DI5: small lure e booby - Sink DI7: booby

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