Rapture Area Master

48/72 h order before 10.00 a.m.

Rapture Area Master

48/72 h order before 10.00 a.m.


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The authentic Area Master is an eclectic sportsman, who exalts himself in the close competition with the best, excels in casting and knows how to concentrate on the millimetric walk of the lure, until he feels through the line what for ordinary mortals is nothing important. And he develops a particular feeling with the rod, until it is incorporated in its arm, and using it with extreme naturalness. To this special fisherman Rapture dedicates a refined series of rods with a rubberized reel seat, able to immediately integrate into the palm of the hand. The blank is very thin and takes advantage from the physical properties of CX-1 Micro Pitch carbon, a material that could be used to produce unrivalled guitar strings, as it is able to amplify the finest vibrations. The K profile guides were originally born for braided lines, because their frame can prevent the formation of tangles, dissipating them from the early stage. The larger ones, starting from the reel, are of a scalar diameter, but the later ones, particularly small, are all identical to ease the gentle flow of the line and prolong the flight of the smallest lure.

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