Flashabou Magnum Hedron

48/72 h order before 10.00 a.m.

Flashabou Magnum Hedron

48/72 h order before 10.00 a.m.


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Hedron's Flashabou is one of the most popular tying materials when it comes to making fishy streamer patterns.

The original Hedron Flashabou does not have a 3D effect. Therefore, it is a very important basis for many Pike streamers. When combined with other flash materials that are much more economical to use (such as Lateral Scale, Holographic Flash, or Dyed-Pearl), you can create very successful streamer patterns for freshwater and saltwater predators. Due to its simplicity, the strong fibers are also very well suited for clear water and waters with high fishing pressure. Tied in with a dubbing loop, you can make wonderful, voluminous collars and bodies!

The Magnum variant offers a length of about 50cm, which can allow you to tie some seriously monster sized Pike streamers. 

Contents: approx. 400 strands

Length: approx. 50cm

Width: approx. 0.7mm

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