Trabucco Invictus FA

48/72 h order before 10.00 a.m.

Trabucco Invictus FA

48/72 h order before 10.00 a.m.


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• Super stiff aluminium body

• Aluminium side cover

• Ultralight carbon rotor

• Aluminium hollow bail

• Anti-twist Titanium line roller

• Main deep aluminium spool (on twin BB)

• Spare match aluminium spool, featuring a rubber band to avoid

braided lines slipping under extreme tension

• Sealed drag to avoid water, salt and dust getting inside

• Stainless steel main shaft

All ball bearings are sealed on both sides to keep grease inside and avoid water, sand and salt getting in and possibly affecting their rotation. On each side of the body there are two steel plates, which are destined to raise stiffness along handle axis. The positive effect is easily felt during a fish fight. The reel’s structure is an hi-tech “full metal”, as both body and side cover are made from aluminium to offer the best possible stiffness and durability. The high capacity spool has parallel grooves in the throat, which are intended to give a correct start to line’s spooling. That’s why the spool’s label must always be removed! The spare spool has a reduced capacity to ease thin line’s loading. The central rubber band is there to avoid braided line’s slipping under extreme pulls.

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