Mutant zx380 Zoom Tenkara Rod


Mutant zx380 Zoom Tenkara Rod


cm 315 - 350 - 380



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Excellent soft 6:4 Full-Flex casting action in every length, perfect for Light Level Lines to medium weight furled or tapered lines. Excellently balanced tip-weight in every length, feels very light in hand when casting and fishing. You’ll most likely love the rod action in every zoom length, not just 1 or maybe 2 like many other triple zoom rods. Deep rod flex action allows the rod to distribute pressure evenly throughout the entire rod when fighting fish. This deep rod flex also makes for a smooth casting action with little effort to cast light level lines. Excellent tip dampening so you have very little (IF ANY) oscillation while casting giving you very precise accurate casts with great presentation, even with very light level lines. This rod is designed for targeting small to medium sized trout on light lines in creeks, streams, or small rivers. That does not mean you can’t use outside of those parameters if you so desire, have fun doing what you like. Although if you want to target big fish then this is probably not the tenkara rod for you.


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