Cortland Nymph Rod


Cortland Nymph Rod 

10'6" #3


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The new series of Cortland Nymph Rod 10'6'' have been specifically designed for modern European nymph fishing techniques. Built on ultra light graphite blanks, they work and quickly recover the prey, giving the angler a superb fishing experience. The matte black finish, designed not to create reflections, allows an extremely stealthy approach, and at the same time provides an additional layer of protection.

The reel seat with down-locking system, combined with the fighting butt, allow an exceptional balance of the whole system and a great ease of strike on the fish. The new Cortland Nymph Rods 10'6" are equipped with oversized single foot guides to facilitate the passage of the fly line, the monofilament and the knots. All the ferrules and guides are coated with an epoxy resin highly resistant to cracks, bending and any excessively tight knots.

The sections of the rods are finished with alignment dots in order to facilitate assembly. Elegant rod bag and a cordura tube protect the fly rod in an effective and refined way. Available in three versions: Cortland Nymph Rod 10'6'' 4WT, Cortland Nymph Rod 10'6'' 3WT, Cortland Nymph Rod 10'6'' 2WT. It is possible to combine these extraordinary new rods with the Cortland Mulinello Crown 3/5, designed to create an integrated and perfectly balanced system in all its parts.


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